Charming Things to Do in Serbia

There are tons of romantic things to do in Serbia – by beautiful leisure areas and ponds to historic typical monuments and massage resorts. Whether you’re planning your initial trip to this enchanting region or you’re looking to spice up the romance, serbian women there are plenty of activities to do that will make for your memorable getaway!

Belgrade Fortress

Popularity high on a 410-foot (125-meter) high cliff overlooking the confluence for the Danube and Sava Rivers, the Belgrade Fortress is a 124-acre military outpost that has beckoned visitors and scared off foes for centuries. With breathtaking vistas and stunning sunsets, is no wonder how come this fortress has become one of the most popular affectionate places to visit in Serbia.

Ruzica Church

The oldest cathedral in Belgrade, the Ruzica Religious organization can be tucked in to the northern wall surfaces of Kalemegdan Fortress and it is often seen by lovers on their wedding days and nights and during spring/autumn. You can take a tour from the church to obtain a closer start looking at its architecture and pay attention to about the history behind it.

Zlatibor Mountain range

For fans of mother nature, Zlatibor presents a unique experience with its mountainous terrain and unusual ethnographic village. You can go hiking or appreciate a relaxing stroll over the verdant area between lush jungles and green meadows.

Sremski Karlovci

This Serbian town is a party for the sensory faculties with its exquisite neoclassicist and baroque buildings. The best way to find it should be to take a daytime tour to see all of its major points of interest, such as the 4 Lions Water fountain and the Treasury of Patriarchy dwelling. During your visit, you’ll likewise have the chance to test some of the region’s products in a regional wine basements.


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